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Paris football is something we have been in the beginning of the time he started the football game. Today is one of the hardest to do, pick a winner, but if paris is organized as an informant and addressed systematically, you will quickly discover that it is quite simple really.

Most believe that it is impossible to pick winners, but it’s not. You need experience, courage, perseverance, wisdom, information and a little luck. It’s obviously a good player and no shortcuts to be profitable, but with the right attitude and a couple of extra hours a week, you can play the game. Combination of utility and entertainment Let’s go through the most common forms of games and trying to drive and give you tips to be a better predictor of paris in this article.

Today paris football is the game faster and the style of play that is best suited for the Internet. You get high marks in paris many companies online that can help you increase your profits.

If you bet on football, knowledge is everything! One of the first rules is not to invest money in a game where you do not know in real time, the team or the sport, this is a common mistake in a game due to a source other than gamble themselves. If the tip does not come from someone you absolutely trust or is a professional player, you should avoid touching. You must make your own opinion on the players / teams, its form and its possibilities. We all have ways to assess motivation form, the team’s strength and contain all other variables in a sports game. It is important that their own way of doing it, and then follow it consistently.
Some players use sophisticated computer programs with a variety of variables, while others consider the placement of the table and follow your feelings. Everyone has different ways to get the balance of power between the two teams and only one rule – if you win, you’re right!
Now I will show an example of how to evaluate a game and see if it’s worth playing. If we assume, for example, that Chelsea are at home to Manchester United. First you need to take the box and form two teams, then it must also be noted that the teams that faced otherwise how can a misperception. After seeing how the two teams in this case was fairly evenly between them, you should compare the history between the two teams. Here, in this example, you can clearly see that both teams played together won at home and when they play, they lose immediately. We can see that it is very difficult to assess the strengths of this game, but after careful consideration, it could be concluded that the percentage chance, just because Chelsea play at home, has:
Home win 40% 25% 35% Draw Away Win.

What do you play? The game is difficult to predict, and are not sure how it ends, even if you feel, I think Chelsea wins. Step 1 is to decompose the percentage of quota. This is done as follows: Take 100% and divided by the respective probability procent any results.

Then we get the following probabilities:
Home win 2.50 (100/30) No 4.00 (100/25) away win 2.86 (100/35)
If you have decided to play Chelsea, because that’s what I think is best, you should not play if you get a score of 2.50. But there is a big “but” here can not be sure that the correct percentage of each set of results, so adding a risk factor of 10%. The chances were 10% higher.

Then we get the following probabilities:
Home Win (1.10 x 2.50) 2.88 Draw 4.4 (4.00 x 1.10) 3.15 Away win (2.86 x 1.10)
If you want to play Chelsea, you must have a minimum rating of 2.88. This method does not guarantee that you win all the time, but it gives you a good opportunity. To avoid calculating percentage probabilities and adding a risk factor itself blindly in search of some teams that are a common mistake. This method greatly increases your chances of winning if you can control your game against winds and tides. The biggest difference between the percentage and gaming companies – the better it is to play.

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